Barnwood and Blooms

Don’t you just love spring? It is my favorite time of year. Especially for those of us who endure long cold winters under inches of snow, the promise of a warm springtime day gives us the hope that summer really is on its way. The first daffodil blooms to grace the landscape brighten our days with their delicate yellow sunshine. Yes, spring can definitely dispel the darkness of that dreary Old Man Winter.

For some of us, the warmer weather and budding leaves beckon us to become kids again and play in the dirt. I don’t mean dumping water on a pile of dirt and making mud castles that bake hard in the sun. This is a grown-up kind of fun, turning the dirt over to awaken it to the warm spring air and ready it to be fertile again. The time is almost nigh for spring planting season!

Depending on whom you are and where you live, planting season can mean many things. For me, springtime always makes me anxious to get my hands dirty in my flower garden. Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than beautiful plants and flowers for the entire world to enjoy. There is a special kind of therapy that can be provided by digging in the dirt, planting a flower, and watching it grow and bloom under your care and supervision. I gain a great sense of pride as I look at my handiwork, my design, the flowers filling up the garden around my house and spilling over for all to enjoy and admire. I get a chuckle as the local children pick a bloom, look it over carefully, and lovingly take it to their mother as a gift.

A beautiful flower garden is not complete without accessories that compliment its color and charm. Many search far and wide for the perfect items to place in their floral showplaces, even looking at reclaimed furniture as a way to enhance their artistic designs. The additions to the garden must blend into the landscape, yet set themselves apart with their character and personality. Barn wood furniture is the perfect addition to any landscape. Its rugged beauty and aged appearance enable it to blend in with the surroundings, yet the story it tells with its character and weathered personality beckons you to sit on it and learn more. Think about the quality time you can spend on a well-placed barn wood bench in the middle of your favorite part of the garden. The books you can read there, the friends you can enjoy there, and the enjoyment you can receive from the fruits of your labor. It makes me sigh with pleasure just picturing it in my mind. Bring it on, Spring!

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